the geography :

Located on the vast triangular peninsula of MEDOC in the west north of Bordeaux, the chateau PEYREYRE becomes localized on the village of Saint de Cadourne in the appellation HAUT MEDOC Edged by the estuary of GIRONDE, the chateau is put between the appellation MEDOC and SAINT ESTEPHE.


A brain of geography: MEDOC

wine MEDOC is a Region of the of Bordeaux, this language of earth of 85 km long on 30 km broad north of Bordeaux between Atlantic Ocean and estuary of the Gironde, stretches between Bordeaux and the pointe de grave (le Verdon). The climate of this peninsula is tempered there: mild person the winter, with some geléees in spring, the summer is hotter but more not very scorching, the influence of Gironde and Atlantic ocean softening temperatures and bringing a microclimate so particular climate to this region.


The geography of the chateau:

Juxtaposing Gironde domain, plays a role of thermal regulator allowing so a reduction of risks of jellies. This nearness draws away a separation of the clouds which allows to restrict the storms of hail, rain or of strong showers.Besides, the estuary procreates dominating winds which allow a good ventilation of the vineyard and particularly the foliage and of bunches restricting so of course diseases.


The geography of the médocain vineyard:

The vineyard as such occupies a zone more restrained next to the estuary Gironde often called the "river". The land of serious brings an incomparable natural draining in this region. This quality land shelters a quality soil so with garonnaises, Pyrenean serious as well as some trays of argilo limestones. This special vineyard lives in its breast of the notable appellation, in effect the médoc includes big eight appellation of origins controlées with the most renowned of the of Bordeaux. They stretch on about 14 000 hectares. As all the AOC the appellation HAUT MEDOC is subjected to conditions of strict productions.


The vineyard of the HAUT MEDOC:

The appellation stretches on about sixty kilometres of the north in the south of the peninsula, saint Seurin deCadourne in Blanquefort. It represents a wine area of 4 200 hectares for 400 wine-growers vicinity.




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4 rue de bel air

33180 Saint seurin de Cadourne


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